My pieces are combinations of snips of paper against rich backgrounds to create something entirely new–and sometimes reminiscent of something old.

I’ve always been interested in how it’s possible to take snips of paper from different places and arrange them into something new. It feels like a metaphor for what we do all the time in life–assembling our different thoughts and feelings and experiences into the life we create every day.

My undergraduate degree is from Harvard, where I studied Medieval History and Literature, mostly because I was obsessed with the Unicorn Tapestries at the Cloisters. While my major has ended up being exactly as useful as I had expected, my collages have given me a new outlet to explore medieval tapestry. Many of my collages borrow subject matter, color scheme, and even the idea of weaving from these tapestries. My interest in fairy tales, childhood innocence, time, and the juxtaposition of reality and fantasy also find their way into my work. All collage images on this site are copyright by Laurie Miller Hornik. All rights reserved.

Little Girl in the Woods
Little Girl in the Woods
The title comes from the Joni Mitchell song, "The Circle Game"
Carousel of Time